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we do two things really well: we can qualify you for a mortgage, for real, with incredible accuracy in less then two minutes using our mortgage affordability calculator We also have an instant approval system. you apply for a mortgage in less then 5 minutes and our system will issue you an instant approval. We will research the entire market for your mortgage and hand select the five best and lowest mortgage rate offers for you and deliver you a no obligation report for your review.

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I was referred to Greg from a family friend since me and my girlfriend are looking at purchasing our first home. Going into it I didn't really know what to expect but I thought talking to a mortgage broker was a good idea. The consultation was well put together and very informative. Greg touched base on the rates and what options there are for mortgages and what penalties are associated with certain lender's which is crucial to know when signing a mortgage. The Canadian Home Buyers Academy stresses how they will execute a plan to fit your mortgage needs and will also counsel you on your next step's after the mortgage is signed which I thought was great. What I liked about this consultation is Greg really lays it all out on the table and identifies things that your bank or lender will probably leave out which is so beneficial for a first time home buyer who may not know these things. Anybody thinking about purchasing a new home or a first time home buyer should take the 30 minutes to listen to the consultation. We will be sure to contact Greg to purchase out first home.

Very Informative 2018-05-01

Our term was up on our current mortgage and as you know life gets busy so we thought we would just take the easy route and sign the renewal and send it back to our previous lender...WOW are we glad we heard about Greg and Canadian Home Buyers Academy before we did that. The "Easy" route with our previous lender would have cost us thousands of dollars more plus Greg made it easy too and saved us money at the same time. He took the time to explain all the mortgage terminology and asked questions about where we wanted to be with our house in one year, two years, five years. Then he went to work and got us an awesome rate plus laid it out to us with a game plan for our future. With Gregs efficient team you are not waiting weeks to figure out whats going on or to make appointments like you have to do with banks - emails and calls are responded to fast and efficiently. Give them a call! You won't be disappointed.

WOW 2018-05-01

Greg and his team are easily accessible (text, online chat), and I had no problems being from the East Coast. Greg spent over an hour on the phone explaining and answering all things relating to a mortgage and how to minimize interest and penalties. I even shopped around and Greg still took the time to clarify the misleading 'facts' from the Big Banks and even other mortgage brokers. All in all, Greg and his team helped me understand mortgages better, guided me through the whole process, and got me the lowest rate going. I find myself educating friends now who are surprised by the rate I got. I'm happy I made the switch.....free!!

I started hunting around for a better mortgage early and stumbled across Canadian Home Buyers Academy on Facebook. 2018-05-01